nayarivera No flex zone!

nayarivera No flex zone!

Tuesday Sep 23 @ 03:32am



These are by aledlewis! I’ve got a book of ‘em, they’re great.

One of my dreamy dream SPX guests.

Tuesday Sep 23 @ 03:31am


I drew my favorite dave’s clothes!
he usually wear school’s jumper, I like it(jumper<3), But Especially I likes Thriller episode’s clothes!

I have to have this on my Dash, this is so awesome!! :D :D



I drew my favorite dave’s clothes!

he usually wear school’s jumper, I like it(jumper<3), But Especially I likes Thriller episode’s clothes!

I have to have this on my Dash, this is so awesome!! :D :D

Tuesday Sep 23 @ 03:30am



"We are not bullies. Stop accusing us!". Yeah sure. Fuck you klainersl

Funny how they hate Dave for being a bully and yet that’s what they are.

Tuesday Sep 23 @ 03:29am

Karofsky is way too good for Blaine.


Karofsky is way too good for Blaine.

Tuesday Sep 23 @ 03:29am

The constant focus on Blaine and his pointless storylines are what ruined Glee for me.


The constant focus on Blaine and his pointless storylines are what ruined Glee for me.

Tuesday Sep 23 @ 03:28am




These lovable cat-themed sweets were made by Caroline, a Japanese housewife. She creates them annually on Cat’s Day — February 22. The cat-shaped sweets are nerikiri: a traditional Japanese sweet made by mixing sweet white bean paste and glutinous rice. Caroline tints and sculpts them into various shapes and styles; then puts them on pancakes and doughnuts as edible decorations. They’re just too cute to eat!

(via rocketnews24)

ahhh help that’s too adorable


Tuesday Sep 23 @ 03:28am


20 Of The Most Creative Cakes That Are Too Cool To Eat

Tuesday Sep 23 @ 03:26am
Glee characters acting ooc.

This is not about them doing bad stuff, but stuff that have nothing to do with their actual personality, people that we watched growing up and we used to love. Writers don’t care about them, but we do.

I love most of them deeply, that’s why I get so angry for this.

- Mike saying his girlfriend was selfish because she wanted to sing in the club she was in for three years.

- Kurt saying world never stopped loving Quinn, when he knew pretty well that her own father threw her out of house. Kurt is very compassionate person, he would have never say that.

- In the same episode Quinn talked about Dave being selfish because he tried to kill himself.

- Tina woke up one day and found out she loves Blaine in a very creepy way. To the point she molested him on bed while he was asleep.

- Blaine himself and Sam made fun of the whole situation, like it was a joke.

- Before the creepy crush, Tina started acting like bitch without reason. Like she was whole different person. Not grew, maybe possessed.

- Finn kissed Emma when she was freaking out about her own wedding, and I’m still asking why.

- Sam totally forgetting about his love for Mercedes, and saying he had crush for Brittany for the whole time.

- Brittany, portrayed as stupid. She is naive and innocent, but she’s NOT stupid.

- Burt, most protective dad ever, choosing cheating ex boyfriend over his own son. He brought Blaine to New York to meeting Kurt, even used Kurt’s dead mother when his son looked like he was going to execution instead of wedding proposal.

- Sebastian being supportive to Klaine proposal. I’m still asking wtf.

- And there are no words about Kurt saying yes to said proposal. Kurt obviously didn’t trust Blaine anymore, and they were together for less than 24 hours. Kurt is very smart person. I feel like he died somehow that day.

- Rachel thanking Finn for beating up Brody. As much as she was angry with him, the Rachel I know would never act like this toward violence.

- Even before this, Rachel’s character was not the same as before. She’s totally different in s4. And not in a good way.

- ALL Glee characters for not seeing shit that Blaine does everyday. Like they live in parallel universe. Blaine was awful character from beginning, but Glee used to teach people lessons about life. Now somebody like Blaine is prince charming.

- Sam is the most ooc of all of them. We saw Blaine slut-shaming him in s3, and of course never apologized. Then out of nowhere they are best friends, and Sam called him hero after Blaine told him story about cheating on the guy who helped him when he was poor and lived in motel.

- Santana wanting to date “real lesbian” that wouldn’t break up with her for dicks. We know, and she should too, that Brittany never did. Santana would never said anything like that talking about Brittany, or bisexuality in general. It just isn’t her. Also, in christmas episode, she said Brittany broke up with her, when everybody know poor girl never did.

- Sam and Artie said that child molestation, when girl does it, it’s hot, and “every teenager boy’s dream”. They didn’t have any compassion for Ryder, and never said they were sorry.

- In different episode they were shaming Marley for not wanting to strip, when they both had same problem before. Tell me if Sam and Artie we know from s1-s2 would ever do something like that.

- Sue going after Unique like she did. Same woman who helped Kurt and Santana years ago.

- When your character say “I would not date you because you are white” you know that the show you’re watching is fucked up. We knew Mercedes for 5 years, and she never had problems like that. She ever had crush on Kurt on s1.

- Dave Karofsky is gonna date Blaine Anderson. This doesn’t need more explainations.

Tuesday Sep 23 @ 03:22am

Anonymous said: Any relationship that blaine is in will have a person that abused Kurt in it. Too bad the people that claim to care about Kurt want him to end up with the unrepentant abuser, and being sad that Kurt didn't immediately take you back is not the same as apologizing. Especially since he spent most of his time lusting after his straight best friend while claiming his undying love for Kurt.

The problem for me is not what Blaine did, but the fact that we never saw him really sorry for any of it. If he really was sorry, I could even forgive him. I did with Dave when i start loving the character. He was really sorry, and never once excused his actions.

Blaine keep say he was lonely, or drunk. Called Kurt his soulmate while having crush on Sam, accused Kurt of cheating and at same time texting with Sebastian.

He’s an asshole.

Also Kurt wasn’t in love with Dave at the time of bullying, but he was with Blaine when he was cheated on. Blaine was hurting Kurt more than anyone on this show. You have to be blind for not seeing it.

People think we are hypocrites for not liking Blaine and at the same time loving Dave/Kurtofsky. But let’s talk about it when we’ll see Blaine really regret all the shit he did.

Monday Sep 22 @ 01:43am

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