Saturday Apr 19 @ 02:18am

AlunaGeorge performs live in W Hotel, San Francisco

Saturday Apr 19 @ 02:16am

Saturday Apr 19 @ 02:15am

that time dave karofsky fell for kurt hummel, and the time kurt hummel fell right back

Saturday Apr 19 @ 02:14am

Left Klaine for the last.

1 - I knew from the start that Kurt was more attractive than Blaine. All you need is to have eyes.
2 - Blaine likes porn a lot more than Kurt. It didn’t start now. “That’s why they invented masturbation” I remember pretty well.
3 - I ship him with his hand.
4 - He fucking rolled his eyes at the mention of “Eli C.”. He still hasn’t realized it’s fully and completely his fault. And he never will.
5 - Nobody said to him he’s a douchebag. Nothing new.
6 - He liked Kurt just because he was a little puppy that followed him everywhere. He wanted attentions. Now he’s angry because he isn’t getting any. Sure not because he cares somehow about Kurt.
7 - In fact he wants Kurt to be a “girl” he can protect. Other than disgusting es even sexist.
8 - What he’s doing at Nyada.
9 - Always the same shit. Klaine is the most abusive and unhelthy relationship ever. But at the end of episode they say they can’t love anyone else (where is love?), and hug or kiss. And people thinks it’s something from Disney’s movie.
10 - If you have a Blaine in your life just ran away and ask for a restraining order.

Friday Apr 18 @ 03:42am

It would have been very cute if Sam wasn’t “in love” with all the girls in this show at some point of his life.

Friday Apr 18 @ 03:28am

Sam you said same shit to Brittany.

Friday Apr 18 @ 03:15am

During Mercedes and Rachel scenes together I remember why I love them both.

Friday Apr 18 @ 03:08am

That costume make me feels very uncomfortable.

Friday Apr 18 @ 02:58am

Artie is feeling bad enough. Stop with the shaming, Sam. Fucking douchebag.

Friday Apr 18 @ 02:56am

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