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Thursday Apr 24 @ 03:28am
The Importance of Names and Identity: Dave vs. Karofsky



When it comes to the Glee fandom, the Pirates have their own Shibboleth - that is, a verbal trait that identifies them as Pirates, as fans of David Karofsky, played by Max Adler.

A regular Glee fan refers to this character as “Karofsky”:


But a Pirate…

Wednesday Apr 23 @ 04:26am

Dave Karofsky in “Opening Night”

Wednesday Apr 23 @ 04:22am



lmao Blaine’s actually in the same city as him and Kurt would still rather sleep with the pillow

If I had to be in the same city with Blaine I would sleep with a gun under my pillow

Wednesday Apr 23 @ 04:10am


MUCH LOVED Photographer Marc Nixon made ​​a series of portraits of teddy bears and other stuffed animals along with their age, size and history. Some were very much loved :-)
These photos come from a book, “Much Loved” l Imprint : Abrams Image l Via

Some Little Things i Like : Tumblr l Facebook

Wednesday Apr 23 @ 04:01am

Kurtofsky + Valentine’s Day Gifts

Wednesday Apr 23 @ 03:59am

Wednesday Apr 23 @ 03:56am

Wednesday Apr 23 @ 03:56am
Your Bear


Pairing: Kurtofsky
Word count (approx.): 1500
Rating: G
Warnings: None (Kurt is a tiny bit drunk?)

Ficlet inspired by this post, just some silliness and fluff, with a tiny hint of angst. Enjoy!

On AO3


Or right here under the cut.

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Wednesday Apr 23 @ 03:55am
Eat Your Heart Out, Kristin Bell


AN: Something kinda silly.  My nephews are big fans of Frozen, so this kind of occurred to me…  Now if only I’d tackle my extant projects like this…

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Wednesday Apr 23 @ 03:52am

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